Where Absolutely Nothing,

is What We Do Best... ™

Besides, sometimes Anything is just Too Much, and Nothing is Just Enough! ™

Let's Face it...

"Farming is tough, that's why I choose not to..." ™ - B. Jones

At Farming Nothing Farms, ‌"the only thing unsustainable, ‌is our commitment to sustainability."™

It's in the soil...

For some folks, it's real important to know that there's good stuff in a farm's soil... Well, we can promise you that there is plenty of real good stuff in our soil... Plenty... That's a guarantee!

...Or Maybe the Effort

We get started every day sometime around noon and work exhaustively until around 12:45 after noon. During that tough hot day in the lawn chair, we monitor the slow and sparse growth of each and every one of our plantings, just for you to ensure the joy in our well fertilized dirt ends up as the center of joy at your dinner table.

But, it's the air too!

By surroundin our farms with booming industrial businesses, the flavor profile in our grains, fruits, and vegetables is unlike anything you've ever tasted. Even the air is filled with a flavor that just dominates and asserts itself into everything that we grow! Best of all, we burnin fields at the end of every harvest. It's great for the environment!

The Proof is in the Product...

Sometimes, enough explainin, is enough explainin... Sometimes you just gotta show 'em. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we believe, at Farming Nothing Farms, that a picture of the specimens we harvest is worth a whole lot more!

But at the end of the day, you gotta be
‌"Working Hard at Not Working at All..."™

What our clients says?
‌ Their Speechless!